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Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM) is a top-ranked ACM conference in the areas of information retrieval, knowledge management and databases. Since its inception in 1992, CIKM is providing a platform to researchers and developers from all around the globe to get together at one place, discuss their ideas and propose a solution to the existing problems.

Objectives of CIKM:
The conference, being held every year, identifies challenging problems in the areas of knowledge and information systems and brings out a feasible solution. It helps in directing research towards solution that benefit people. Through high quality publications and theoretical and practical findings, CIKM is determined to attain its goal. CIKM promotes collaboration among multiple areas and focuses on interdisciplinary research as well. High quality papers on almost all topics in the general areas of database, information retrieval and knowledge management are accepted and appreciated. The sole purpose of the conference is to combine great minds of science and let others know of the ongoing latest research. This effort in turn results in more research and attracts capable and talented people from all around.

CIKM provides an international forum to people from all the countries and give them a chance to interact and discuss their scientific ideas. The most important part of the Conference is the Workshops program that highlights current research challenges and initiatives taken by people in different parts of the world aiming to solve some problem and answer some questions. The workshops equipped with recent knowledge and information regarding emerging areas of database management, International Relations and other relevant areas are very useful for the attendants as well as the presenters. The informational content is enormous and knowledge is up-to-date. The schedule for the workshop and the content varies every year but focus remains the same which is to equip everyone with the ongoing research and challenges faced in the related areas and appreciate the youth to come forward, present their ideas and discuss about their impacts and implications.

Travel Grants:
ACM CIKM also provides a limited number of funds to help people financially in the form of travel grants. These funds, subsidizing housing and living expenses, are specified for the people who are presenting the papers. Preferences are given to the principal authors of the papers. The attendees are not eligible for these grants. Students receiving these grants are needed to assist with checking in attendees, registration process and conference sessions. This social and community service enables them to interact with people, broaden their vision and develop sense of responsibility. It’s always fun to be a part of team helping the organizers with full enthusiasm and high spirits.

Previous CIKM conferences have been famous and very successful in their goals. With many previous conferences in past held in Washington DC, the organizers try to hit a different city every time now.

Past Conferences:
For the past twenty years, the Conference on Information and Knowledge Management is being held in different cities across the world. Washington DC has hosted the conference six times in total while Baltimore has hosted it twice. Some other US cities that have hosted CIKM include Las Vegas, New Orleans, Kansas City, and Atlanta. The conference has also been held at international destinations like Germany, Portugal, Hong Kong, and Toronto.

The 21st ACM CIKM, held in 2012 in Maui, covered a variety of topics within three main topics, database, knowledge management and information retrieval. Some of these topics include data privacy and security, Information integration, data provenance, probabilistic databases, optimization and performance, semi-structured data processing, XML filtering and routing, distributed IR, foundation of Information Retrieval, Information Extraction, large-scale statistical techniques, data mining, text mining and others. An award for best interdisciplinary paper was also presented.

The 2011’s edition of CIKM took place in Glasgow, the culturally rich, vibrant city with a long history at the forefront of socio-economic and political change. The panelists for the conference included Dr. Ed Chi, a research scientist at Google, Dr. Gene Golovchinsky, a senior research scientist at FX Palo Alto Laboratory, Dr. Meredith Ringel Morris, a research scientist at Microsoft and Dr. Krishna Gummadi from Max Planck institute for Software systems. The speakers included famous people all around the world.

CIKM 2013
The 22nd ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management will be held in San Francisco Bay Area. Well known speakers and experts are coming from all around the world to attend the conference. Papers on a variety of topics dealing will be presented. This conference will equip you with the knowledge and experience you will always make use of in your professional life.

Host City:
San Francisco is the host city of CIKM 2013. From pleasant weather to its fascinating views along the coastline, and from splendid restaurants to its culturally rich art festivals, San Francisco Bay Area has always been attracted people from all around the world. Bay Area is the populated region that surrounds the San Francisco and San Pablo in Northern California United States. Officially the leading financial and cultural center of Northern California, it is renowned for everything from sightseeing to shopping to live entertainment. Most importantly, in the world of computer science and Information Technology, this area as well as the nearby Silicon Valley has no parallel.

What to Expect:
You can expect a lot of brain storming sessions, informative workshops and knowledge sharing at CIKM 2013. Besides attending this conference in a Technology San Francisco, you can explore the city and experience its grandeur. If you are a sports lover then try catching a game of San Francisco 49ers or San Francisco Giants. You can also explore city’s night-life, attend some concerts at The Fillmore or The Warfield, or watch latest theatricals at the Orpheum Theatre or War Memorial Opera House. Other Events:
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