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Sports have been a part of every generation and every civilization that has ever existed. Where the older civilizations would play sports such as hunting and other barbaric sports, the physical competition of humans has always been around. From competitions between hunter gatherers over females to the basic racing to see who gets somewhere first, it is in our genetics to compete against each other.

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The oldest proof of sports as a contest dates back thousands of years when ancient civilizations are known to compete in intricate games that went way farther than simple racing or wrestling. They are illustrations that depict people playing ball games thousands of years ago. As sports progressed through the years, games became more and more important. While the Greek Olympic events were not the first major sports events, they are definitely the most memorable one. Different cultures and countries enjoy different types of sports from Gladiator wrestling to bull fighting.

Over the years, sports have been some of the most barbaric games that require genuine tough guys to battle it out with strength and endurance. These are the types of games including racing, wrestling, arm wrestling and many other games that require utmost physical strength and agility to be able to survive in. Other games are not so physical and are played with the mind. Games like chess and poker have no also been included in sports and are played all around the world. Most games combine strength, agility and brains to be able to be successful in. The combination of all these can be found with games like soccer, cricket, football, etc.

While live sports were all the rage at the start and still are, TV is what made sports popular the world over. To be able to stay at home and watch all your team's matches made sports much more accessible and people got more interested in sports. This helped the live sports too as watching the games on the television made people want to go and watch a live game featuring their team. International sports like Football and cricket have world cups every few years that are watched by millions of people on the television and hundreds of thousands of people live. People travel from all over the world to see their country being represented in these tournaments.

While sitting at home and relaxing while you watch your favorite team play is a great experience, it is nothing like watching a game live. To be able to wear your team's colors and join thousands of fans in the stadium to cheer your team on is an experience that can never be replicated on the television. It is a great day out for anyone and be it a group of friends or a family, watching the right sports can be a great experience for you. If you want to make sure you catch all the sports you can live, you need to take advantage of some great deals on Sports Tickets right now! CHECK OUT OTHER HOT SPORTING EVENTS!

Boston Red Sox Tickets

Come watch Boston Red Sox trying to take down the opponent teams like Seattle Mariners, Minnesota Twins, Oakland Athletics, San Diego Padres and Kansas City Royals. The team of MLB has a long history of winning seasons and this season is expected to be the same. With a lineup of players as talented as Red Sox, the games are something which is not to be missed at any cost. Boston Red Sox tickets sell out like hot cakes so the fans who plan to attend the games need to be quick in booking their tickets. View all Boston Red Sox tickets

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Baseball lovers get in action as one of the most successful baseball franchise of the United States is ready for its upcoming match. Where the roster spells out names such as Alex Rodriquez and Derek Jeter it is not much of a surprise to see them succeed so often. Famous as the Bronze Bombers they have bombarded twenty seven victories in the World Series Titles. Their achievements and game sprit has impressed many, including fans as well and opponents. If you happen to be one of their many fans then make sure to grab your New York Yankees tickets from us now! View all New York Yankees tickets

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The biggest and the most anticipated wrestling event of the year is back and this time, it will be even more thrilling and even more adrenaline pumping. Raw, SmackDown, SummerSlam and WrestleMania, this is all just a beginning of what is collectively known as WWE, the greatest wrestling event in US. This is just the right time to book your WWE tickets and to enjoy watching your favorite champs in this action-packed extravaganza with your buddies as the popularity of the event and a fan base comprising of old and young alike don't let the tickets stay on the inventories for long! View all WWE tickets

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With 30 professional hockey teams, coming to the games with skilled coaches and trained players and games that are highly thrilling, NHL is bringing back with all teams to face one another in some mighty hockey games. With the growing popularity of the event, NHL tickets also become harder to get and only the fans who act fast will stand a chance of watching their champs take down the opponent team. You cannot find hockey games as amazing as NHL. So which team are you supporting? View all NHL tickets

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NBA is where you get to witness basketball action live and raw. NBA tickets provide you the chance to see some of the world's best athletes battle it out on hardwood. Starting from old-school defense to thunderous drunks, NBA is where you will get it all. Stars like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have graced arenas across the country, book your NBA tickets and find out if you are lucky enough to catch some of their stardust or not! View all NBA tickets

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2009 was marked as a year of roaring success for the Ranger. Two heroes of the team, Josh Hamilton and Ian Kinsler were both suffering from injuries yet they managed to secure the first position for their division. Texas Rangers are almost synonymous with baseball and their loyal fans know what it's like to be present at their live matches. If you are in mood of spending your day in the perfect American way then rush to grab your Texas Rangers tickets now! View all Texas Rangers tickets