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Over the years some musicians have come up with songs of such quality that they move their listeners on an emotional and an intellectual level. Adele is a member of this elite group. She made her debut over ten years ago, and in a short time has become one of the highest selling artists in the world. Her impact on the music industry has been extraordinary, with three multiplatinum selling albums to her credit and a legion of fans spread across the globe that practically worship the very air she breaths. With so many accomplishments to her name already, this talented singer is well on her way to becoming a music legend.



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Adele at London on Wednesday Wembley StadiumWednesday
06/28/2017 18:00:00.000
Adele at London on Thursday Wembley StadiumThursday
06/29/2017 18:00:00.000
Adele at London on Saturday Wembley StadiumSaturday
07/01/2017 18:00:00.000
Adele at London on Sunday Wembley StadiumSunday
07/02/2017 18:00:00.000

Early Life


Adele Laurie Blue Adkins was born on May 5, 1988 in London to a Welsh father, Mark Evans and an English mother, Penny Adkins. Her parents first met each other in 1987, when both of them were in their late teens and early twenties. Her mother was studying art at the time, while her father had been working to make a living. It did not take them too long to fall in love with each other.

When Adele was born, her mother became instantly smitten with her new born daughter and showered all her love on her precious bundle of joy. She made sure her daughter got the best she could possibly give her. However, during this time, her relationship with Evans suffered and he ultimately moved back to Wales, leaving Penny to fend for their daughter herself.


After Evans moved away, Penny decided to move near to her parents house, where she felt she could give her daughter the best life possible. Adele was a bubbly and energetic child who discovered singing from a very early age. Her mother encouraged her passion and by the time she was four years old, she had started to copy famous female singers, doing impressions of their voices. Her mother facilitated her education by taking her to concerts by established artists like Jeff Buckley and The Cure. Penny, at the same time, also introduced her to the music of all the great female singers of her generation.

Even to this day, she enjoys the same kind of special relationship with her mother. In a 2009 interview she stated "My mum told me to only ever do things for myself, not for others. In a way, though, my success has been for her. Mum loves me being famous! She is so excited and proud, as she had me so young and couldn't support me [there wasn't a lot of money to go round], so I am living her dream, it's sweeter for both of us."

Adele was never really good at school and didn't like to read too much, stating in an interview that the last book she read was 'Matilda' when she was six years old. However her love for singing only amplified with age. She began to learn how to play musical instruments as well, starting with the flute. By the time she was fourteen, her vocal talents had become popular in her local community and she was offered a place at the exclusive 'Brit School for Performing Arts & Technology.' This was the same school where artists like Amy Winehouse had honed their talents, and here she felt like she was finally home.


Adele had given up on the flute by the time she joined her new school, but had instead moved on to learning the guitar. Her dad bought her a Simon & Patrick guitar and she learned to play it within eighteen months, at the same time trying her hand at the saxophone. As a result her time at the school was an eventful one, as she pushed her musical boundaries and learned to appreciate artists like Nina Simone and Etta James.

As she extended her musical horizons, she also started dabbling at writing her own material, encouraged by her many friends who were in awe of her abilities. She recorded a few of those songs, as part of a class project, and after graduating from school in 2006, she gave it to a friend who was a fan of her work. They uploaded her demos on MySpace, a social networking site that had been instrumental in launching the careers of several artists at the time. As luck would have it, an executive at the record label XL Recordings heard her demo and was suitably impressed. He asked Jonathan Dickins, an up and coming talent manager, to go check her out in person.

It did not take long for Dickins to realize the amazing talent he had on his hands. He helped her prepare four songs, after which he signed on to represent her. A record deal followed soon after and Adele was taking her first steps to superstardom.

Music Career


Signing her first record deal was like a dream come true for Adele, which is why she spent little time in getting down to work for her debut album. The going was tough in the start as she was faced with writers block and couldn't write even one line in months. However, she went through a terrible breakup during this time, which became the inspiration for her first single, "Chasing Pavements." The song opened the floodgates, as she got her writing groove back and by October of 2007 her album was ready. Called "19" after her age at the time, the album came out in 2008, and became an overnight success.

The record made its UK music charts debut at number one and went on to be certified seven times platinum in the country. Its US debut came a few months later, and it made a slow start, debuting at number sixty one. But a performance at the popular sketch show "Saturday Night Live" got it the mainstream recognition it required and the album sky rocketed to the number four spot within the next couple of weeks. Since then it has been certified two times platinum in the US, and has also enjoyed platinum level sales in over eight other countries.

The amazing success of the album and the rising sales of Adele tickets surprised her quite a lot, as she stated in a 2008 interview ""I had no specific plans for my album. In fact, I still don't know exactly what kind of artist I want to be! You know, for me the album was just about making a record of songs to get a boy off my chest and include all the different kinds of music that I love."


The success of her debut album put Adele under a lot of pressure to ensure that her follow-up was of the same standard. However things got off to a bad start as she first suffered from laryngitis and then had to undergo surgery on her vocal chords to fix the deep lying problem. She stated at the time that "Singing is literally my life. It's my hobby, my love, my freedom and now my job. I have absolutely no choice but to recuperate properly and fully or I risk damaging my voice forever." She also went through another terrible breakup during that time, which left her utterly heartbroken.

However there were no complications because of the surgery and she was soon back to her best, itching to get back into the recording studio. She used the pain and the desperation she felt due to her breakup in writing her songs, and it took almost a year to record the album. The end result on the other hand would prove to be well worth the wait.

Continuing her tradition of naming her album after her age at the time of its recording, the album was called "21." About the name she stated that "Like a photo album you see [my] progression and change ... throughout the years. I tried to think of other album titles but couldn't come up with anything that represented the album properly." It was finally released in 2011 and surpassed everybody's wildest expectations.

It debuted at number one on the UK music charts and managed to sell over two hundred thousand copies in its very first week of release. It has since been certified sixteen times platinum in the country, selling over two million copies to date. It also made it to number one on the music charts of several different countries around the world, including the US, Australia, Canada and many more. It was also certified eleven times platinum in the US, diamond in Canada and multiplatinum in fifteen other countries, with worldwide sales of over thirty one million.


After her supreme success with "21," Adele decided to take a break from her hectic touring and writing schedule. So she went on a hiatus, during which time she met her future husband, Simon Konecki and her first child, a baby son named Angelo James Konecki was born. However, after years out of the limelight, she started to feel the pull of the recording studio once again, and so she decided to start working on her third album in 2013.

But the process proved to be a long one. She could not think of anything to write on and suffered from writers block once again. It was a meeting with producer Greg Kurstin that finally unlocked her mind and together they wrote the first single from the album, called "Hello." This would be the catalyst that would encourage her to keep writing, and the album was finally finished by the tail end of 2015.

The album, named "25," came in November of 2015 and took the world by storm. Her millions of fans all over the world had been waiting for four years to hear her sing again. The album made it to number one on music charts in over thirty countries around the world and enjoyed at least platinum level sales in over fifteen others. It was certified nine times platinum in the UK and eight times platinum in the US, and managed to sell over nineteen million copies around the world.

The Future

There are not many people who can boast of having enjoyed the same kind of success that Adele has over the last few years. Her rise to the top has been unprecedented and has led to several awards and accolades, including four American Music Awards, eight Brit Awards, three Juno Awards, and ten Grammy Awards. She has also won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for her title song for the James Bond film "Skyfall". With so many achievements already, it would seem that there is not much left for her to accomplish. However her love for music keeps her going and to her, the fame is just an inevitable annoyance, stating that "It's not really my cup of tea."

It might not be her cup of tea but it is unavoidable. Adele is now without a doubt one of the most famous names in the business and the astonishing part is that she is just getting started. Her latest road trip, "Adele Live" is now underway as well. With over one hundred shows in different parts of the globe planned, this is a tour that has got fans rushing to buy Adele tickets. The party is just getting started and you can be a part of it too.