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The most successful artist to rise from the platform of a reality show, Carrie Underwood continues to soar in the music industry. Winning the American Idol in 2005, Underwood gained a huge fan following that was called “Carrie’s Care Bears” and she even swept the veterans off their feet. The former judge of American Idol, Simon Cowell is a tough man to please, but Underwood’s audition performance had him gushing. He even claimed that he knew at that very moment she was going to win the fourth season. All smiles and tears during her coronation, little did Carrie know that her journey to fame was just starting.

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood - Realizing Her Dreams and Love For All Things Country

Taking the country music world by storm, Carrie Underwood has built her immensely successful career on cinematic and true-to-life songs. A country girl through and through, Underwood packs a poignant punch with her lyrics and voice, all the while staying true to her roots. She's not only talented but also smart and patient. Her love affair with country started when she was a child and used to sing at her neighborhood church as well as perform in local events. Gifted with a beautiful voice, her admirers in her hometown encouraged her to move to Nashville and explore opportunities in the country music capital.

Impressing the producers at the Capitol Records, 14-year old Carrie was about to sign a contract with them when the company went through a management change and the deal was cancelled. Carrie called it a blessing. According to her it wasn't the right time as she wasn't ready and if the intentions are honest things have a way of working out. She graduated from high school and people close to her assumed that she would pursue her dream of singing then. But Underwood surprised everyone when she opted to get her bachelor's degree in mass communication from the Northeastern State University. After graduating she worked several odd jobs and finally in 2004 decided to audition for American Idol.

Carrie Underwood - An Inspiring American Idol Journey

Auditioning in St. Louis, Missouri, Carrie was 21 at that time and just like all the other participants, nervously paced the halls, waiting for her turn. Once she entered the audition room, she admitted to the judges that she was nervous and scared of the notoriously intimidating judge, Simon Cowell. She charmed the judges with her introduction, impressing them with the information that back in high school she was the captain of her football team and played as a quarterback. She sang the classic number by Bonnie Raitt, "I Can't Make You Love Me" and earned compliments from Randy Jackson and Cowell. When he appeared on the show "Oprah Presents Master Class", Simon recalled Carrie's audition and stated, "It was as if the entire cast that year was in black and white, and she walked in in color". He admitted that he knew at that very moment that she will become a mega star.

Below are the highlights of her memorable performances during the competition.

  • Her initial performances in the Hollywood Week were more of a hit or miss, as she forgot the lyrics of the song "Young Hearts Run Free" by Candi Staton. But the judges believed she had the "it" factor and so, they couldn't deny her an entry into the next round.
  • As the show progressed, Underwood's voice began to shine and one of her top moments came in the 11th week. As part of the theme Billboard No. 1 Hits, she performed the classic single "Alone" by Heart and stunned everyone watching. While reviewing her performance, Simon Cowell predicted that not only will Carrie Underwood win the competition but will also sell more albums than any other previous Idol winner. He got that right!
  • For the 90s' Week, she chose Martina McBride's "Independence Day" and her rendition earned her rave reviews. Completely in her element, she nailed the song by her musical hero. She performed the track once again in the finale.
  • In her Top 5 performance, Carrie Underwood showed her versatility with the ballad "Bless the Broken Road". Her soulful rendition touched hearts and it was a welcome change after her car-bashin', foot-stompin' numbers.
  • In the Judges' Choice round during the Top 3 week, Carrie once again brought everyone to their feet with her rendition of "Crying" by Roy Orbison. She steered the ballad beautifully, building it from quiet notes to heartbreak to anguishing pain.
  • The moment that topped everything was when her name was called out as the season 4 winner. With both tears and smiles she accepted the crown and placed a stamp on her victory with the song "Inside Your Heaven".

Carrie Underwood - A True Country Star

7-time Grammy Award winning diva, Carrie Underwood has never been tempted to leave her country roots. From her first song "Jesus Take the Wheel" to the most recent hits "Heartbeat" and "Smoke Break", she has relied on her incredible storytelling formula to produce acclaimed numbers. Having great love for country, Underwood believes that it's the most honest mainstream genre and one of the many reasons why it has started to appeal to so many fans. Unlike other musical styles, country allows artists to come up with fictional characters or tell a story. According to Carrie, it's not always easy to open up about your true feelings or share your problems with the world, and that's the beauty of country music - it allows her to create and deliver a compelling tale.

Underwood has emerged as one of the most powerful and best storytellers of her generation. Through her intriguing characters she tells fascinating stories about love, heartbreak, life and death. Her fifth album "Storyteller" came out in October 2015 and has been certified Gold by the RIAA. Underwood's previous four albums - "Some Hearts", "Carnival Ride", "Play On" and "Blown Away", all were certified either Platinum or Multi-Platinum.

"Some Hearts" - A Perfect Start To An Outstanding Career

Carrie Underwood was the first country singer to win American Idol, and she made sure that her debut album centered on the genre. There were some traces of pop in it as well that added to "Some Hearts" mass appeal. Boasting of four number one singles, along with the hit track "Inside Your Heaven", the slickly produced record allowed Carrie Underwood to show-off her vocal range. "Wasted", Jesus Take the Wheel" and "Before He Cheats" topped the Billboard Country charts, whereas "Don't Forget to Remember Me" peaked at the number two position. The album earned her two Grammy Awards, setting the pattern for her future releases.

"Carnival Ride" - Contemporary Country

At Its Core The success of her debut album raised the bar for Carrie's second one and "Carnival Ride" exceeded all expectations. Reaching for artistic growth, she came up with a pure country record, which according to the critics filled the void left by Shania Twain and Faith Hill. Producing four number one tracks; "So Small, "Last Name", "All-American Girl" and "Just a Dream", Carrie became the first female singer since Twain to achieve the feat. She added two more Grammys to her collection, along with an American Music Award.

"Play On" - An Eclectic Effort Packed With Wide-Ranging Emotions

Featuring a mix of ballads, power-chord choruses, foot-stomping beats and traditional country sound, "Play On" was Carrie's third number one album. She also continued her streak of producing more than one chart-topping singles. Featuring three number one songs, "Cowboy Casanova", "Undo It" and "Temporary Home", Underwood took home her second consecutive "Favorite Country Album" gong at the AMAs.

"Blown Away" - A Crossover Success

Released after a gap of three years, "Blown Away" was a combination of ballads and joyous, up-tempo songs. Her fourth number one album, the title track won a Grammy Award and Carrie Underwood added another AMA to her achievements. Featuring powerful vocals and a broad range of styles, it further expanded her fan base.

"Storyteller" - Carrie Reconnects With Her Country Roots

Hitting the shelves in October 2015, "Storyteller" extends Underwood's commercial dominance into another decade. Bowing at number one on the Billboard Country charts, the album gleams with hits like "Smoke Break", "Church Bells", "Heatbeat", "The Girl You Think I Am", "Chaser" and "Like I'll Never Love You Again". Critics have called it her best album so far as she has beautifully balanced the songs, treating fans to both edgy and tender numbers.

Carrie Underwood - A Tour De Force in Concerts

In the last ten years Carrie Underwood has hit the road on four headlining tours and is currently on her fifth one. Titled "Storyteller Tour: Stories in the Round", it's a visual spectacle like no other. The tour kicked off on January 30, 2016 and initially was supposed to be a five-month trek. On popular demand, Carrie kept on adding more dates and it has now stretched well into December.

The Oklahoma star is a tour de force when it comes to live concerts. Everything from the stage design to the lighting effects is top-class, and the icing on the cake is her voice. Underwood delivers breathtaking performances, highlighted by her powerful vocals. Her high-flying range and story-driven tracks keep the crowd on their feet, making her one of the best entertainers around. According to Forbes, Underwood is the top-earning artist from the American Idol stable and it's due to the mounting sales of her albums and Carrie Underwood tickets.

Carrie Underwood is working the North American crowd these days with her acrobatic vocals, flawlessly delivering her classics. She's setting herself up for the "Entertainer of the Year" award, displaying spectacular singing and showmanship.